"10 to 11" (2009), fiction

Living on the fourth floor of Emniyet Apartment Building, Mr. Mithat has, against all threats he has faced, managed to protect his collection, which he has been working on since years and that has left him with only a small space to live in. Any piece that he searches for to maintain the coherence of the collection could lead him anywhere in Istanbul. For Mr. Mithat, Istanbul is as unlimited as his collection.

For Ali, Istanbul is limited with Emniyet Apartment Building and its surrounddings. Coming from the village to Istanbul, Ali started to work as concierge in the apartment , and when his daughter contracted asthma due to the humidity in the concierge`s floor, Ali sent his family back to their home in the village for a while until the conditions were ameliorated. When the other tenants of the apartment building, out of fear of an earthquake and with the ambition to own a more valuable building, prefer to have the building demolished to be rebuilt again, Mr Mithat begins the most challenging of wars he gave for his collection. The building now ist he shared destiny of these two men who live alone. Their relationship that begins for the intactness of the collection takes on a different level with Mr. Mithat turning Istanbul over to Ali, and it ends where they change each other`s destinies unknowingly.

Director's Statement

I started "10 to 11" with the desire of understanding an incredible collector who freezes every moment of his life with an item that he adds to his collections, that strings the past, the present and the future and keeps on walking very skillfully on that very tightrope. Entreating myself to Istanbul's indulgence for life's inner contradictions, while telling the story of the unintentional interference of 83 year-old Mithat and his concierge Ali in each other's life, two lonely men very different in terms of class, life, dreams and realties, I happened to discover in their lives where the loser was winning, the winner was losing and the finished was actually starting over, all that these two men could offer to each other was nevertheless Istanbul.


written and directed by
pelin esmer
producers nida karabol akdeniz

tolga esmer

pelin esmer
co-producers juliette sol (fransa)

mustafa dok (almanya)
director of photography özgür eken
art director
naz erayda
line producer özkan yılmaz
editing ayhan ergürsel

pelin esmer

cem yıldırım
sound recording kasper munckhansen
sound editing umut şenyol
sound mix marc elsner

michael kaczmarek
gaffer ersin aldemir
casting harika uygur
assistant directors başak göksel

tuba çoban
focus puller engin özkaya
2nd camera assistant salih dikmen
steadycam operator tuncay başpınar
assistant line producer benan baf
2nd production assistant birkan yılmaz
1st assistant art director güneş çoban
2nd assistant art director sima ertem
3rd assistant art director hande cedimoğlu
grip gürkan kahraman
drivers nejdet yılmaz

kuddusi uğurlu
accounting yalçın sütütemiz
poster design bala kavlakoğlu
web site design selkan larlar


nejat işler
mithat esmer mithat bey
tayanç ayaydın
laçin ceylan feride hanım
savaş akova
ruhi bey
sinan düğmeci old book seller
tülin özen
young woman in the cemetery
aşkın şenol ahmet
selen uçer
emine şans umar hülya
füsun demirel
gülümser's voice
liezer abravaya radio technician
okay şenol
1st city inspector
koray bülent tarhan library worker
kutay ülkü head librarian
arzu kaçmaz
ceren süer
dilek altuğ ruhi bey's wife Ayşe
serkan keskin
nida karabol akdeniz doctor
ahmet sarsılmaz security
gülden avşaroğlu newspaper archivist

Technical Info

original title
11'e 10 kala
english title 10 to 11
shooting format HDCAM
format avaliable 35 mm. , HDCAM
color color
length in 35mm 2717 m.
number of reels 6
running time 110'
original film language turkish
subtitle english, french, spanish
screening ratio 16:9 (1:1,78)
sound dolby digital
countries of production
year of production 2009

Press & Reviews

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"11'e 10 Kala" DVD 11-10-dvd
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10 to 11
(2 DVD)
Special Edition
10 to 11
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